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Shipping and Handling Information

Roundtrip shipping using an ISD shipper:

The total price will be calculated with your order

Renting an ISD shipper for pickup

(price of charging the shipper included): $200 CAD


Charging a customer's shipper

(if the shipper is sent to us dry): $100 CAD

Special orders from Europe: $1500 CAD

This is a service for customers who have already bought semen in Europe from a station and need it shipped over to Canada. The semen would be added to our next order from Europe.

If you order a stallion from one of the stations and there isn't at least 5 doses sold including what you are ordering from that station, it is considered a special order and there will be an extra charge added to your order. Those 5 doses do not need to be bought by one person, it can be multiple people involved.

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