2021 List of European Jumper Stallions Available for Import

As of January 2022, all the stallions listed at each station below are what is available for import. If the stallion you are looking for is at different station please send an email to isd.rideauwood@gmail.com

If you order a stallion from one of the stations and there isn't at least 5 doses sold including what you are ordering from that station, it is considered a special order and therefore will be an extra charge added to your order. Those 5 doses do not need to be bought by one person, it can be multiple people involved.

De Wiemselbach


Euro Horse


France Étalons


Gestüt Bonhomme

Haras De Beaufour


Haras De Semilly (updated list coming soon)


Hengststation Böckmann


Hof Sosath


Klosterhof Medingen